become a church partner

As a church partner you can help Crescent City Youth and Family Services recruit, develop, and support healing foster families. Below are several  ways your church can partner with us to connect kids in foster care to safe, loving families:


We partner with your church to recruit safe, loving families.

  1. STARTING POINT – Telling a family that expresses interest in foster parenting to check out
  2. NEXT LEVEL – Use your regular communication tools (emails, newsletters, worship guides, announcement slides, etc.) to share about CCYFS’s Foster Parent Info Meetings.
  3. ALL IN – Host a Foster Care Ministry Lunch – your church promotes the event and provides the meal; CCYFS educates and mobilizes those God calls as foster parents or volunteers.


We develop loving families into healing foster families.

  1. STARTING POINT – Pray for families in your church to be moved to care for kids.
  2. NEXT LEVEL – Host a Foster Parent Info Meeting, where loving families can learn about the next steps in becoming certified foster parents and the supports CCYFS provides
  3. ALL IN – Cover the costs associated with walking a family from step one of learning and considering foster care to becoming certified and ready to care for vulnerable children ($1,000).


We support healing foster families as they care for kids in their home.

  1. STARTING POINT – Pray for healing foster families and the kids in their care in the Crescent City Youth and Family Services network.
  2. NEXT LEVEL – Families in your church who become foster parents will ask other families in your church to become Family Partners.
  3. ALL IN – Work with CCYFS staff to plan and host a Respite Event at your church for Crescent City Youth and Family Services network families.